Q & A

Q & A with Catherine Sexton, revealing sisters' theology through research

After a year of consultations with sisters in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Malawi, Catherine Sexton is delving into the research project that will ask sisters in Africa: What is the essence of religious life? "We want to hear sisters' theology, and also we want sisters to hear themselves talking about theology."

Q & A with Sr. Jeannette Londadjim, living and teaching for justice and peace

A native of Chad, St. Joseph Sr. Jeannette Londadjim was forced to flee her homeland with her family because of the bloody civil war that broke out in the mid-1960s. Her work has taken her throughout Africa, educating young people, working with migrants and refugees, and helping bishops' conferences deal with issues of development, the environment and racism. 

Q & A with Sr. Joan Dawber, providing secure housing for victims of trafficking

Sr. Joan Dawber is the founder and executive director of LifeWay Network, an organization in the New York City metropolitan area that provides secure housing for survivors of both labor and sex trafficking. She spoke to GSR about the importance of community living in LifeWay Network's work.

Q & A with Sr. Monique Tarabeh after a visit to her hometown in war-torn Syria

Good Shepherd Sr. Monique Tarabeh's visit home in July and August was gut-wrenching. Tarabeh grew up in Damascus, Syria, and her family still lives there despite the ongoing civil war that started in 2011. The conflict has killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced millions to flee to safety in other nations.