Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field are reports from young people volunteering in ministries of Catholic sisters.
The project
began in the summer of 2015 when, working with the Catholic Volunteer Network, we enlisted four young women working in Honduras, Thailand, Ethiopia and the United States to blog about their experiences. This seventh round in the series features one volunteer at the United Nations in New York City and another in Haiti.

Mobile goat clinics in Haiti help families raise healthy, profitable animals

Notes from the Field: Veterinary technician Songé Sengela gives interactive formation sessions for families who receive goats as part of the Caritas goat program in Haiti's Gros Morne parish. Participants who follow her advice raise healthier animals that will sell for a better price at the Friday animal market in Gros Morne.

We are called to step outside our comfort zones

Notes from the Field - I joined Dominican Volunteers USA not because it was a Catholic volunteer program, but because I identified with their mission and admired the great work they did. When my service year started and I came out to New York, the sisters I met here were of similar minds to the people I knew at the Dominican University Ministry Center, in that they were just as progressive about the issues I cared about and were open to learning.