International Union of Superiors General advocates for women, sees influence grow

At the International Union of Superiors General's 2016 assembly, Pope Francis first announced a commission to study women and the diaconate. After three years in which UISG leaders successfully urged the Vatican to increase women's voices at synods, they are set to meet again in Rome May 6-10.

Q & A with Sr. Jean Bellini, side by side with landless people in the heart of the Amazon region

Sr. Jean Bellini of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester, New York, has lived in Brazil since 1976. She is one of the three coordinators of the Comissão Pastoral da Terra (Pastoral Land Commission), a Catholic organization that supports peasants and landless people. She works in the state of Pará in the Brazilian portion of the Amazon basin.

Women and Earth are 'on receiving end of patriarchy' when it comes to profit

Would the world be a better place if women had more say about the global economy? It's a question posed regularly when sisters and representatives of nongovernmental organizations gather at the United Nations and discuss how best to tackle the challenges of global poverty and gender inequality, such as during the recent meetings of U.N.'s Commission for Social Development and Commission on the Status of Women.

At one with the Honduran family

My experience with the "People of Faith Root Causes Pilgrimage to Honduras" delegation was memorable. One plea from groups and individuals was that we persuade our government not to send aid to Honduras because it is used by the government, its army and police forces to oppress the people. They said that the ordinary poor people, 60% of the population, never see aid from the U.S.