Countering the curse of ageism

Given the accomplishments of women religious in educating women, founding schools and creating a health care system, what if, now that we ourselves are largely older, sisters across the country started taking a serious look at aging, if we read and discussed and debunked the stereotypes of old age? We could help create a more age-equitable culture.

Filling education gaps, sisters help Khmer children in Vietnam

The Mekong Delta's Soc Trang Province is one of largest Khmer-populated provinces in southern Vietnam. Khmer ethnic people account for over 30 percent of the province's population of 1.3 million, and because of their status, they are generally left out of government-run schools, health care and other opportunities to move out of poverty. Over two decades ago, Sisters of Lovers of the Holy Cross of Can Tho volunteered to educate illiterate Khmer adults at their convent in Soc Trang City to introduce the mostly Buddhist population to Catholicism and help them live better lives.

From Postville to Pentecost

On May 11, 2018, more than 200 people from around the country gathered at St. Bridget for a prayer service and rally. No longer alone, we have learned anew the value of community in fighting the attacks on our immigrant sisters and brothers. However, we admit to still being confused and afraid of what might happen next in this anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, "throw them all out" climate of 2018. Send us your Spirit, O God!