Think locally, act locally: We are all neighbors

The Life: Being neighbor is about relationship, trust, being known and accepted, being there to share joys and sorrows. Sisters are out in the world, living among the people they serve, sharing their charism and sense of community and prayer with anyone they encounter. This month, wrapping up the 2018-2019 panelists' participation, GSR asked them: Are there meaningful interactions with others for you, personally, or for your community in your neighborhood? If yours is a changing neighborhood, how are you responding to the changes?

Q & A with Sr. Hellen Lamunu, who believes in post-traumatic forgiveness

Sr. Hellen Lamunu is the project coordinator of Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate Centre for Disadvantaged Children in Gulu, Uganda, which provides shelter, schooling and vocational training for vulnerable children and young people in an area of northern Uganda.Many of those the center assists are former child soldiers, and Lamunu is an advocate for assisting them and trying to reintegrate them into society. 

At Marialaya, girls from India's slums find home, nurture and a future

Chennai, India - Many of the girls at this house under the care of Salesian Sisters are abandoned, are orphaned or have a single parent. Most of them lived on the streets. "We try to create a homely atmosphere here to restore human dignity in them," says Marialaya director Sr. Soosai Muthu Arul. "They also get necessary opportunities and facilities to grow healthy in mind and body."

'The religion of this people is their land,' say Sr. Dorothy Stang's successors

Jane Dwyer and Kathryn "Katy" Webster, both Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, quietly help support poor agricultural workers in the Amazon in their struggles for land and better living conditions, even amid escalating violence. The sisters continue the legacy of Sr. Dorothy Stang of the same congregation, who was murdered 14 years ago in rural Anapu.