Lovers of the Holy Cross sisters draw from Vietnam roots as they serve in LA

The sisters of the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Los Angeles carry on the spirit of founder Bishop de la Motte, who began the congregation in Vietnam some 350 years ago. Today, their California ministries focus on helping the poor and suffering, especially women and children, and faith formation in areas that include some of the largest concentrations of Vietnamese and Hispanic populations in the U.S.

Q & A with Sr. Teresa Dagdag, caring for one Earth community

Maryknoll Sr. Teresa Dagdag has gained "insights into the life's struggles of working women who have to work long hours to make ends meet. Often, they are not able to continue with their schooling. These instances are too many all over the world. They demonstrate the systemic injustice of our socioeconomic experiences and developed in me a passion to work for justice, peace and integrity of creation, for well-being and wholeness of members of the one Earth community."

Casa Ursulina is grounded in friendship and solidarity among women

Chillán, Chile - Founded by Ursuline Sr. Mimi Ballard and seven Chilean women, Casa Ursulina today has roughly 200 participants and about 15 programs, including baking, embroidery, belly-dancing and visiting the sick. But the real help the women get is deeper than their acquired skills. Local psychologists and social workers prescribe joining Casa Ursulina to depressed patients, and women find mutual listening they otherwise lack in their homes.