Ancillae hosts the pre-marriage course for TVM's Pulluvila Forane

Madonna Bhavan, a community of Ancillae Secular Institute members in Trivandrum hosted a 3-day pre-marriage course at the premises of Ancillae’s Vocational training cum residential area at Kochupally. The course was conducted for the youth belonging to Pulluvila Forane of Trivandrum Archdiocese.  
It is a mandatory custom among the faithful of Catholic Churches in India that they attend a preparatory programme before their marriage to be blessed in the Churches. The programme mainly comprises sessions on Church teachings on the nuptial relationship and various psycho-sexual and social implications and expectations on married life. These sessions are also meant to sufficiently equip the novices to conjugal relationship and Christian family life with sufficient knowledge of the life ahead and a sound understanding of the sacredness and sanctity of marriage as a sacrament as well as a vocation/call within the call to be Christian. 
There were about 100candidates attending the programme. The main input sessions were given by Rev. Fr. Gladin Alex, Director, Centre of Excellence & Manager, Viswaprakash Central School; Rev Fr A R John, Director, Family Ministry, Trivandrum Archdiocese and Rev. Sr Thankamma DHM. It was also noted that in spite COVID 19 setback there are many marriages taking place in the area. 

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