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Foundress of order of women religious dies at Mass honoring her vocation Jul 8, 2016 Story : News
Four nuns killed when truck hits van in Ethiopia Mar 8, 2017 Story : News
Franciscan sisters run emergency lifeline for needy in West Virginia Aug 7, 2018 Story : News
Franciscan Sr. Mary Antona Ebo, civil rights leader, dies at 93 Nov 17, 2017 Story : News
French bishop opens sainthood cause for foundress of Tyburn Nuns Dec 6, 2016 Story : News
German archdiocese plans new residents for old abbey: Refugees Apr 2, 2015 Story : News
German religious orders set up inquiry into sexual abuse May 24, 2019 Story : News
Growing number of unaccompanied minors entering U.S. causes concern Jun 2, 2014 Story : News
Guatemalan educators come north to learn from Benedictine counterparts Jan 6, 2016 Story : News
Halloween costumes that mock religious figures called disrespectful Oct 28, 2014 Story : News
Help us 'go back home,' displaced Iraqi sister urges U.S. Congress May 14, 2015 Story : News
High court upholds 'back of the line' policy for some visa applicants Jun 9, 2014 Story : News
Holy Cross Sisters help Ugandan women resist domestic violence Jan 14, 2019 Story : News
If you want peace, end arms trade and help immigrants, pope says May 15, 2014 Story : News
Immigrants, activists urge Obama to act on immigration reform Aug 30, 2014 Story : Blog
In 'The Ninth Hour,' Alice McDermott 'deals quite directly with religious women' May 18, 2018 Story : News
In Bethlehem, a street festival with a touch of faith, justice, culture Jun 23, 2014 Story : News
In India, Missionaries of Charity will again offer children for adoption Nov 5, 2018 Story : News
In Jerusalem hospital, staff and family help Gaza trauma patients Jul 31, 2014 Story : News
In Lebanon, Carmelite nun organizes Christians, Muslims to feed soldiers Aug 23, 2017 Story : News
In person or with radio, Italian nun accompanies South Sudan's displaced May 13, 2015 Story : News
In silence and in secret, Albanian nuns left legacy from communist times Feb 1, 2018 Story : News
India orders checks of all child care homes run by Missionaries of Charity Jul 19, 2018 Story : News
India's Sister Prema condemns trafficking, says nuns not involved Jul 17, 2018 Story : News
India's Supreme Court rejects bail for nun held seven months, not charged Jan 31, 2019 Story : News