As Quebec nuns die of COVID-19, government vows to help

The government of Quebec announced it will pay close to CA$5.2 million ($3.9 million) to religious communities in the province so that they can offer bonuses to members of their staff who work in their infirmaries.

Two Antonian nuns die of COVID-19 in Quebec

Two Antonian nuns from Chicoutimi, a borough of Saguenay, have died of COVID-19.

Tensions arise in Canada around bishops' inquiry of Haitian group

A Haitian women's support organization co-founded by Quebec nuns is exasperated by repeated requests from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to know whether or not it supports the legalization of abortion.

Class action request aimed at Quebec nuns for alleged physical, sexual abuse

The Sisters of Charity of Quebec said they were "surprised" and "troubled" by allegations that children who once stayed at the Mont d'Youville orphanage in Quebec City were sexually abused not only by lay educators but also by nuns.