Mischa Geracoulis is a journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes about social and health justice, ​faith and culture, identity and intersections, and the multifaceted human condition. She's covered stories on human trafficking, the U.S. ​prison system, Native American health crises, ​homelessness, and ​the Mediterranean refugee crisis. Mischa's work has appeared in The Guardian, Middle East Eye, Truthout, Colorlines, openDemocracy, and other outlets.

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Q & A with Sr. Margaret Farrell, serving Los Angeles' Skid Row

Sr. Margaret Farrell, a Religious Sister of Charity from Ireland who was sent to California as a novice in the late 1980s to serve in Los Angeles' juvenile halls and who has been the spiritual director of Covenant House California since 2001, finds that even today, there are Los Angeles natives who are oblivious to Skid Row's existence.