Nancy Westmeyer is a Third Order Regular Franciscan from Tiffin, Ohio. Besides giving workshops, missions and retreats around the U.S., much of her ministry in Ohio has included teaching and parish ministry, working as a diocesan director of pastoral services, and serving as the executive director for a pastoral alliance of 16 parishes committed together to renew their parishes. She started a 501(c)(3) organization, Vision Time, to lead parish missions, priests' retreats and parish renewal workshops, and to provide leadership assistance with structural change for small businesses. Having established a Servant Leadership Center, she is now writing a book on servant leadership.

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Love cures the misuse of power

Today there are many opportunities to use our personal power for good. We all have the power to take actions to build up a loving force that counteracts the misuse of power in other circles.

Faith that gives us courage to hope

Despair only lets the darkness win. God, the Light, is ever present in our world. If we really look, we will find that Light, the rainbow of events that reflect God's goodness.