Q & A

Q & A with Sr. Reine Marie Badiane, helping women and children claim their dignity

Sr. Reine Marie Badiane of Senegal is a member of the Daughters of the Holy Heart of Mary, the first congregation of sisters founded on the African continent. Begun in Senegal in 1858, the Daughters continue their mission to promote education and self-sufficiency in multiple African countries and in France.

Q & A with Sr. Angela Reed, seeking to address the root causes of human trafficking

"I object to the notion that anyone can be trafficked as if everything can be reduced to girls and young women being plucked from the streets. ... The larger dynamic is that trafficking tends to be at the far end of a continuum of violence and exploitation that already existed in many girls' lives."

Q & A with Sr. Magdalena Rybak, caring for patients in an ICU dialysis wing

Running an eight-bed intensive care unit at a long-term acute care facility has its ups and downs, Sr. Magdalena Rybak says. But the 42-year-old Sister of the Holy Family of Nazareth says it's all part of a calling that is alive and well more than 20 years after she entered religious life. She talked to Global Sisters Report about nursing, her life's passion.

Q & A with Sr. Elenita Belardo on coordinating missionary efforts in the rural Philippines

Sr. Elenita Belardo, a the Religious of the Good Shepherd, is the current coordinator of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, a broad alliance of lay and religious missionaries who journey in solidarity with peasants from northern, central and southern Philippine provinces in their quest for land justice and freedom.

Q & A with Sr. Judy Byron on forcing Sturm Ruger to report on gun safety

Sr. Judy Byron is coordinator of a coalition of faith-based investors that uses a shareholder platform to start dialogue for change. Bryon co-filed a successful resolution that now requires gun manufacturer Sturm Ruger to report on its gun safety efforts. She spoke to GSR about this very public win and how it compares to the coalition's other efforts.

Q & A with Sr. Mercy Kuriakose on healing the sick with homeopathy

Sr. Mercy Kuriakose, a member of the Missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit, practices homeopathy, an alternative medical practice that uses a small amount of an active ingredient to help treat or cure a disease. She has treated approximately 130,000 patients in her 26 years of service as a homeopathy doctor in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Q & A with Sr. Maureen McGowan on serving women and children in New York City

Sr. Maureen McGowan, is the province leader of the New York-Toronto Province of the Good Shepherd Sisters. The sisters' first ministry in Manhattan has grown into Good Shepherd Services, which today serves over 30,000 children and families. McGowan spoke with GSR as the community prepares to celebrate its 175th anniversary.