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Tweeting to POTUS every day: Q & A with Sr. Susan Rose Francois

It was Jan. 20, 2017, and Sr. Susan Rose Francois, a member of the Congregation Leadership Team for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, believed she needed to respond in some way to the presidency of Donald Trump. Almost two years later, Trump is still president and Francois is still tweeting her prayers, which usually focus on leadership, healing divisions and choosing goodness over evil. She tweets a prayer every day except when she is on retreat and during Holy Week.

Q & A with Sr. Maria Do Thi Quyen, caring for ethnic Hmong people in Vietnam

In northwestern Vietnam, ethnic minority groups live in extreme poverty. They lack health care and education, surviving on little food. But for the last decade, nuns from the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Hung Hoa have quietly built and served many Catholic communities in those provinces. One of the nuns, Sr. Maria Do Thi Quyen, spoke to GSR about their work.

Q & A with Sr. Gertrude Sibanda, on the frontlines of maternal health care in rural Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, more than three-quarters of the population lives in rural areas with poor infrastructure and nonexistent roads. The lack of services critically affects expectant mothers in rural areas, who have difficulty getting to necessary health services before and during birth.

Q & A with Sr. Anna Ngo Thi Phuc, serving leprosy patients in Vietnam

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Sr. Anna Ngo Thi Phuc provides free medical treatment to leprosy patients at a state-run hospital in south-central Vietnam. Many patients live in poverty, abandoned by relatives. Phuc visits them daily, tends to their wounds and listens to their feelings. She spoke to GSR about her ministry.