Lessons in Vocations

Lessons in Vocations

Students' questions help sister's growth

A sister's students ask heartfelt questions that stir deeper thoughts, not only about their lives but about the growth of the sister herself.

Sisters discover grace in ministry to migrants

As they accompany Central American migrants seeking safety and opportunity in the U.S., sisters in Mexico experience God and find strength in a challenging ministry.

Sisters uphold dignity in fight against trafficking

Sisters in Tanzania are using their gifts in many aspects of the fight against trafficking. Their efforts reflect their call as sisters and as Catholics to uphold human dignity.

The permanence of commitment

A young sister reflects on the permanence of the commitment she has made through her vows.

The love behind her vows

A woman reflects on the role that love plays in her life before she takes her final vows as a sister.

A millennial sister's vocation journey

In reflecting on an article about millennial nuns, a young sister shares her discernment journey and the values she discovered along the way.