Lessons in Advent

Lessons in Advent

Sisters and a holy family raise child with dignity


A family welcomes a special child and discovers the love that sisters invested to give her a better life.


Amid brokenness and darkness, God is working


A sister offers hope that God's light shines through the troubles and conflicts that challenge our world.


A path to a place where there is love


A sister's Advent journey helps her realize how we are loved, and that we are love.


Finding complicity, connection in our challenges


A sister discovers that she's not free, at least not from a share of responsibility for ways that our planet and its people have been hurt. But she's also not alone. We are each other's keepers, and God is with us all.


Reflecting on God's presence


A sister invites us to seek God's presence in many of today's challenging situations.


Reflecting with gratitude at year's end


A sister reflects on people who boldly lived out the values that Jesus lifted up in the Beatitudes.


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