Lessons in Coronavirus Response

Lessons in Coronavirus Response

Isolated? We can learn from cloistered sisters

Health precautions are forcing us outside our comfort zones. A cloistered nun shares tips on how to safe sane and grow spiritually despite our isolation. 

Confined sisters seek ways to help others

Sisters in France, many who have spent their lives in service to others, are finding new ways to be supportive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sisters respond to expanding coronavirus situation

Sisters in the U.S. have a long legacy of ministry in the healthcare and social service fields. Coronavirus won’t stop their efforts to serve others. 

Sister provides health care, prayer to patients

A sister serving COVID-19 patients in her role as a physician assistant reflects on how faith keeps her focused amid stress, guilt and suffering.

COVID-19 threatens world's vulnerable people

Sisters and other leaders of social welfare efforts predict that the coronavirus crisis will devastate women, girls and other vulnerable people.

Sisters served bravely in past pandemics

It takes a special kind of love to risk your life by serving others during a pandemic, as sisters have shown through the centuries.

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