One of the sisters’ successes

Following Malcolm Blue's "thank you," I too can say that the sisters' “work is a success,” and I am one of their successes – specifically, the Sisters of Charity, BVM, and the Sisters of Christian Charity, all in Chicago.

I thought to be a nun, but God's will deep in my heart was that I marry and become a mother. Today at 77 years of age, I follow my sisters in religious life and love and encourage them in their valor to bring life to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.   

The sisters encouraged me in my spiritual development and I continue to grow many years hence. Today, I encourage all the women holding fast to the Spirit of Jesus Christ that was promised to remain with us always. Do not falter!

I wonder if the work would be easier if the sisters would seek and unite with all the other Women of Truth like myself in openly manifesting the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever we are at whatever social level, education and experience each might be.   

I am comforted but surprised whenever I meet another laywoman who shares the desires and endeavors of those called "religious."That I am comforted proves there are others. That I am surprised proves that more of us need to know.  

The NCR providing this opportunity to respond to the Global Sisters Report is a step in broadening our awareness of the Holy Spirit's work in uniting all people as One in, for and by Love, and for this I am grateful.   

We've been taught that it was through the body of a woman that God became incarnate. Now the feminine spirit labors to birth the Spirit of justice, peace, and love. God! The feminine spirit stirs in the hearts of our brothers, too.


Mary Ceglarek-Maslowski
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin