Franciscan Sisters Starting Nuns & Nones Group in Frankfort, IL area

It's an unlikely alliance across communities of spirit! The Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart are forming a Nuns & Nones group in the Frankfort area that will begin in January 2020. Nuns & Nones (millennials – both women and men – with no particular religious affiliation) is a movement gaining momentum across the U.S.A., knowing we all have something unique to share and something to learn from one another. 

This movement is:

* an intergenerational gathering of Catholic sisters & spiritually diverse millennials
* an opportunity to share personal passions and topics of interest
* a partnership for creating solidarity and social action
* that can make a difference in our society
* a way to energize and feed one’s inner spirit.

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of this or would like more information, please email Sr. Kathleen at

Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart
Contact Information: 

Email Sr. Kathleen at