Online Discussion: Covid-19 and Racial Disparity: The Time is Now for Solidarity, Mercy, and Long-Overdue Justice

Join the Dominican Sisters of Hope from 2-3 pm EST on Thursday, May 28th for an online discussion of racial disparity during COVID-19. We’ll use Shannen Dee Williams’ telling of Sister Duchemin’s story as an entryway into highlighting the huge racial disparity still in our society today.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only magnified longstanding racial inequities in access to health care, housing, food security, income and jobs but also exposed a truth that many scholars, health care professionals and activists of color have forcefully professed in the face of strident denial for decades: Racism literally kills people.

Although it is unclear when the worst effects of Covid-19 will be behind us, what is certain is that the nation’s black and brown communities will be uniquely traumatized and in need of true solidarity, mercy and long-overdue justice. How can we each help usher in the long-overdue justice that our world calls for? We’ll discuss this, drawing from Shannen’s wisdom, together.

We’ll focus on Shannen’s article and recommend that you read it beforehand. This event is free and open to the public. All are invited to come with questions, a spirit of deep listening, and a heart for study. Sign up:

Dominican Sisters of Hope
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Gina Ciliberto

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