Crisis in the Church

Amid abuse crisis, sisters call for healing, changes to church structure

Revelations of clergy sex abuse, cover-up and infighting among church leadership continue to shake the Catholic world. Sisters spoke to GSR about the crisis. They advocate giving women religious and the laity authority in abuse cases; putting women religious in positions of authority within the church to thwart clericalism; and including more women religious in the vocation process for priests.

The evil of clericalism

Horizons: I finally had the courage to start reading the grand jury report out of Pennsylvania. It rocked my world. It colors the way I listen to the prayers of the liturgy and how I read official church statements or documents. It has shifted the way I speak and think about the church. The crisis is the lens through which I view parish and diocesan life. My mind turns over and over, searching for root causes and trying to reason out solutions. And while I am certainly no expert on this, I keep coming back to one thing: clericalism.