LCWR 2016

LCWR 2016: Facing internalized racism in US women religious' culture

LCWR 2016 - At this year's assembly, LCWR took a first step in addressing issues of race and religious life. A presentation Friday morning, by historian Shannen Dee Williams, Sr. Anita Baird, Daughters of the Heart of Mary, and Dawn Tomaszewski, Sister of Providence, was meant to set the stage for this year's conference resolution, which committed LCWR members to "examine the root causes of injustice, particularly racism, and our own complicity as congregations. . . ."

LCWR 2016: Assembly ends, there's a different kind of energy and grace

LCWR 2016 - After two days spent deeply discerning the movement of the Spirit in regard to future of religious life, on Friday, August 12, the membership of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious took a step back to reflect on the 2016 assembly and to celebrate some of its leaders. Later the assembly concluded with a banquet at which the official transfer of leadership occurred and the Outstanding Leadership Award was presented.

LCWR 2016: Looking beyond the horizon of a post-contemporary religious life

LCWR 2016 - During the first full day of the 2016 Leadership Conference of Women Religious assembly, August 10, participants were challenged to explore the future of religious life and reinvent the annual gathering in the face of rapidly declining membership. LCWR President Marcia Allen minced no words in describing the demographic reality confronting women religious in the U.S. In her address to the approximately 800 attendees in Atlanta, she wove a series of vignettes focused on the theme of this year’s assembly: "Embracing the Mystery - Living Transformation."

Sisters open LCWR 2016 assembly with focus on contemplative dialogue

LCWR 2016 - On Tuesday night — from a stage lined with LED candles and backlit with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious' signature green and blue — LCWR president Sister of St. Joseph Marcia Allen officially kicked off the conference's 2016 annual assembly in Atlanta. LCWR leadership planned for contemplative dialogue to be the focus of this year's assembly, and the opening night was no exception. 

Open to God's invitation: LCWR assembly is using contemplative dialogue process

When members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious convene in Atlanta next week, they will discuss a familiar topic: the future of religious life. In discussions, they will use contemplative dialogue, a process through which people in a conversation intentionally set aside their biases in order to listen to others and to what others trigger emotionally in themselves. LCWR's 2016 assembly is Aug. 9-13 under the theme "Embracing the Mystery: Living Transformation."