Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field are reports from young people volunteering in ministries of Catholic sisters.
The project
began in the summer of 2015 when, working with the Catholic Volunteer Network, we enlisted four young women working in Honduras, Thailand, Ethiopia and the United States to blog about their experiences. This seventh round in the series features one volunteer at the United Nations in New York City and another in Haiti.

What communication is really about

Notes from the Field - Serving within the Immigrant Outreach Program at Beatitude House in Youngstown has been exceptionally meaningful. One thing we do is help adults improve their English-language skills. We hold numerous conversations with the women who are our students to help them gain confidence in their speaking. Although we tend to discuss simple, everyday matters, we learn about how each person has been shaped by her own life experience.

Holy Land's religious talk openly on hierarchy, charism at encounter events

Notes from the Field – I participated in four encounters held by the Union of Religious of the Holy Land. We analyzed a Vatican letter on the relationship between the church's hierarchial and charismatic gifts. Women and men religious from throughout the region shared their experience with the hierarchy, and discussed diversity and inclusion.