Sisters Preparedness for Responding to Covid-19

We are a big community of 16 members of different ages and situations ; old , young, sick and in active ministry,living at the provincial house community and serving the most needy in Ngando, an urban settlement in Nairobi Kenya. From the 13th March,2020 when instructions were closed in the country to control spread of Corona virus, we organized ourselves to cope and support the neighborhood to the best of our ability. we formed 2 prayer groups to observe social distance, and for the active ministry,some Sisters ( medics) continue to serve at the health center, while others ( whose ministry like school,pastoral/ social) is on hold, work herd in the small farm to try and produce enough vegetables for the community as well as share with the starving neighbors. At the health center the Sisters respond to various desperate situations of people affected and infected by the pandemic as well as other sickness, including many other different pathetic social economic problems. We encounter various shocking incidences very day.

Sisters of St Joseph of Tarbes - Nairobi, Kenya
Contact Information: 

Sr. Josephine Kwenga +254 729266879 sters of St.Joseph of Tarbes, Nairobi - Kenya.