Spiritual and religious leaders invited to new course on Spiritual Leadership

What role can religious and spiritual leaders play in this time of multiple planetary crises? The solutions we have counted on in the past are no longer enough to address our world’s extremes – e.g., increasing climate chaos, the devastation of the Earth’s capacity to sustain life, extreme polarizations, and increasing despair and numbers of suicides. When people turn to spiritual and religious leaders to help them navigate these times, what new consciousness can be offered to them that is different than what got us into these crises?

This course, titled Spiritual Leadership, a New Consciousness, and a World in Crisis, hosted on DTNetwork.org, is designed for spiritual and religious leaders who want to frame their life and ministry within the new universe story as taught by Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker, and John Grim. The goal of this course is to encourage a more radical imitation and adaptation of the cosmos-building principles of the universe, challenging us to greater authenticity in aligning ourselves with evolutionary forces. We will look at the behaviors these principles suggest, with particular emphasis on the potential of reinterpreting religious vows in a way that witnesses to the values the human community needs to adopt to survive and flourish.

For more info about the webinar and course or to register, visit https://dtnetwork.org/product/spiritual-leadership-a-new-consciousness-and-a-world-in-crisis-spring-2020/ 

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