Clinic offers affordable medical care, programs that assist women, families

In a part of Guatemala City that lacks public health amenities, Sr. Sarah Mulligan runs a clinic where locals of all income levels can get affordable, quality medical care. Clínica Daniel Comboni offers several programs to meet locals' needs; some services empower local women, while others supplement children's education and nutrition.

Citizenship and religious vows

In recent years I have engaged in a form of lectio divina on July 4. On the morning of U.S. Independence Day, I re-read the United States' Declaration of Independence. Last year, I reflected on the reference to "merciless Indian Savages." This year, I noticed that well over half the document is a complaint listing specific acts of oppression by the king of England.

Social justice Catholic group's letter objects to Kavanaugh nomination

A Sept. 4 letter signed by more than 1,500 Catholic nuns, priests and other church leaders from around the country addressed to U.S. senators voiced concerns about Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a fellow Catholic, as he faced confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill in early September that may result in a seat for him on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Latin American religious meet in Medellín as church grapples with abuse

A conference marking 50 years since a historic Catholic gathering in Colombia kept its focus on the anniversary, which some considered a missed opportunity to address the present-day injustice of abuse. But the Confederation of Latin American Religious meeting that followed did not shy away from the crisis, with a call for "a new way to be a church."