Our lives are mission: Sisters reflect on Pope Francis' call to holiness

The Life - Sister panelists talk about how they and their communities are responding to Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate. In the document, they recognize a call to personal holiness, finding God in practical ways in everyday life, and its emphasis on the Beatitudes as an "identity card" for Christians.

In wake of Baltimore woman's slaying, Carmelites, others stress value of black women

The proclivity to overlook black women and girls doesn't begin with their deaths at the hands of law enforcement. Data suggests institutions like hospitals and schools have routinely disregarded the needs of black women and black girls for years. And that's exactly where some sisters in the Baltimore area have seen an opportunity for change.

In time for Christmas: US family discovers Chinese nuns who rescued adopted baby daughter

The Worleys of Tennessee adopted their daughter Teagan at the age of 5 in March. Wanting to know more about her early years, they came across a Global Sisters Report article about nuns in China who care for orphans with disabilities — and found some of the answers they were looking for.

McAuley's legacy: Sisters of Mercy of the Americas celebrate 175 years in US

On Dec. 21, the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas celebrate the 175th anniversary of their first arrival to the United States. And though the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy died two years before the congregation arrived stateside, the sisters constantly invoke Mother Catherine McAuley's legacy in everything they do.