Sister to sister: Religious reflect on who inspired them to follow God's call

"She helped me discern what this call was all about. She's been there from the beginning." On the surface, these sisters' life stories seem radically different, but what they have in common was a connection with another woman, one that altered the trajectory of their lives — someone who sparked a desire for religious life they might not have known existed.

Extension of compensation to women of Ireland's 'Magdalene laundries' adds to healing

Women who worked in Ireland's "Magdalene laundries" but were denied compensation under the state's Magdalene Restorative Justice program have won their long-running battle to have their applications reassessed. New legislation will ensure that payments to the women will be fast-tracked by the Irish state in an effort to make amends for the delay they have endured over their disputed compensation for their time working in the laundries.