Sisters set to transform typical assembly into 'Revolution of Goodness'

The upcoming assembly of Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, themed "A Revolution of Goodness," foregoes a keynote speaker and strategic planning; instead it will include invited members of the general public. Sisters and affiliates sought out goodness in the world, and they will be reporting on what they found.

A year in The Life: We have interwoven our lives and dreams

The Life - Inspiring. Enriching. Expanding. Sustaining. Nourishing. Creating solidarity. A profound sisterhood. A shared community of life around the world. That is how the panelists described their experience of writing for The Life this year. This month — the last month of the 2017-18 panel — we invited all the panelists to reflect on the year.

Sisters injured in property dispute in Vietnam's capital

Hanoi - In a communist country that does not recognize religion or church rights, a group of St. Paul de Chartres sisters protested construction of a house on their former land May 8. As a result, workers on the site verbally and physically attacked the nuns, injuring several and leaving one unconscious, according to the sisters' provincial superior.

Living the Emmaus story now

The story is well-known. Two people are walking back to their town, wondering what had just happened — or perhaps more accurately, what didn't happen. This question of "why" allows Jesus to enter the conversation and provide the reframe. It is the answer to this "why" to which men and women religious are called today. Of course, the answers are unfolding and undefined.