Walking for Peace Across the USA

The Franciscan Peace Center has produced an exciting new video project which will be released this month to celebrate the International Day of Peace (Sept 21) and Campaign Nonviolence (Sept 19-27).

Individuals from each state across the country were recruited and asked to record themselves walking and talking about a wish for peace in their state.  The individual videos were edited together into a 13-minute collaborative project. 

“We knew it was an ambitious concept when we came up with it, but thanks to our relationships with family and friends from across the USA it has really come together better than we had even imagined,” states Sister Kathleen Holland of the committee working on the project. “It is truly moving to see so many people from across the country who all share a common dream for peace.”

“My name is D.J.,” says a young boy as he walks holding hands with his little sister, “and I am from Wisconsin.  My wish for Wisconsin is to have greater equality.”

“Oh, Aloha!” greets a man with a surfboard. “I’m Pastor John, and here in the islands of Hawaii, we paddle for peace!”

Cheryl in New Mexico believes that if “people learn to care for each other and help each other there is no problem on the planet that we cannot solve together.”

The full and finished project will be available on September 21, but a short preview can be viewed here: http://www.clintonfranciscans.com/news-and-events-events.html?id=635


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