Chris Herlinger

International correspondent

Chris Herlinger is GSR’s international correspondent and also writes on humanitarian and international issues for NCR. He has reported from South Sudan and Darfur, Sudan, as well as numerous other locales, including Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and the Occupied Territories, Kenya and Ethiopia and Liberia. He is the co-author, with Paul Jeffrey, of books on Haiti and Darfur, published by Seabury, and a third, Food Fight: Struggling for Justice in a Hungry World, released September 2015.

Articles by Chris Herlinger

Title Datesort descending Type
Easter hope for South Sudan Apr 23, 2014 Story : News
The voice of constant motion: Sr. Anne Kiragu May 15, 2014 Story : News
'Ida' speaks to the fluidity of identity May 29, 2014 Story : News
Women hold society together amid war Jun 16, 2014 Story : News
In northeast Uganda, ‘It’s a struggle, but we fight the good fight’ Sep 15, 2014 Story : News
Caught between two worlds Nov 12, 2014 Story : News
Sisterhood is global, high school girls learn at the U.N. Mar 30, 2015 Story : News
At the heart of the matter: Women religious at the United Nations Apr 14, 2015 Story : News
As U.N. prepares for monumental year, advocates question new anti-poverty goals Aug 17, 2015 Story : News
Pope Francis' words motivate sisters, others in Colombia ministries Aug 31, 2015 Story : News
'We Come as Friends' film shows South Sudan life at time of independence Sep 15, 2015 Story : Blog
Pope Francis is a welcome ally to Bangladesh's minority Catholic community Sep 30, 2015 Story : Blog
Bangladesh is prime example of need on World Food Day Oct 1, 2015 Story : Blog
Bangladesh a climate-change test-case as COP21 gets underway in Paris Nov 29, 2015 Story : Blog
Challenges, uncertainty and hope mark the year for Bangladesh Dec 17, 2015 Story : News
In the case of sisters in Bangladesh, example can be powerful Jan 4, 2016 Story : News
Mary McGrory: A journalist set apart by her Catholicism Jan 7, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Violet Rodrigues: Educating girls in Muslim Bangladesh Jan 14, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Zita Rema, as rural-to-urban migration creates housing crush Feb 5, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Philip Gain, on the progress of Bangladesh Feb 16, 2016 Story : Blog
Hard work of implementing new UN goals emerging as 2016 focus, sisters say Feb 17, 2016 Story : News
Oscar-nominated 'Ave Maria' uses comedy to encourage interreligious collaboration Feb 22, 2016 Story : News
For Syrian refugees, prayer campaign keeps them from being forgotten amid news of Russia's pullout Mar 15, 2016 Story : Blog
Syrian and Iraqi refugees wait in Lebanon for safety, new life Mar 17, 2016 Story : News
Easter message echoes poignantly true for Iraqi, Syrian refugees Mar 23, 2016 Story : News