Honoring the sisters in our lives

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In honor

Sr. Barbara Aires

- Sr. Roberta Feil

Sr. Majella Bollen

For the gift of courage and for believing in the laity.

- Maureen O'Halloran

Sr. Simone Campbell

Thank you for your  years of advocacy!

- Marge Gasnick

Sr. Margaret Chandler, RSJ

For unwavering commitment to adult faith formation and solid, current, theological education - much needed nourishment in our isolated part of the world. Thank you also for your continued 'yes' to the hospitality and ministry of spiritual direction... and for establishing an outstanding library!

- Maureen O'Halloran

Sr. Jillian Dance, RSJ

Thank you for your vision, commitment and love. I am grateful for your quiet strength and indebted to you for what you have offered and still offer the Church and all of God's people in our Archdiocese, particularly in education and in spirituality. Love and blessings.

- Maureen O'Halloran

Sr. Jane Denning

- Linda Baxter

Joan Doyle, SNJM

Joan, working with you for three years at Holy Eucharist turned into a 25-year friendship that you helped sustain through your wonderful correspondences and prayers. I love you and am so grateful for your friendship.

- Diane Lawrence

Holy Family Sisters of Mission San Jose

Down to earth, caring, inspiring, but now going into closure. 

- Robert Pedretti

Sr. Ann Infanger, SP

You are a good friend and mentor!

- Sisters of Charity

Sr. Joyce Meyer

With eternal gratitude for the gift of her life. She is a beacon of light for humanity who has had an extraordinary impact on countless lives - especially mine.

- Lucy Huh

Sr. Grace Shonk, CSC

You are in inspiration! I still have your poster in my house.

- Kathleen Dolan

The Sisters of Loretto

I am thankful for the excellent high-school education I received at St. Mary's Academy in Englewood, Colorado.
- Mary Yelenick

The Sisters of the Precious Blood of Dayton, Ohio

With gratitude for a wonderful grade-school education at Cure d'Ars and Christ the King Catholic schools in Denver, Colorado.
- Mary Yelenick

The Sisters of St. Casimir

Thanks for your commitment to families, justice and stewardship!

- Dennis Ryan

Sr. Janet Stankowski

- Lorraine McGuinness

Sr. Betty Waigand, SFCC

Thank you for introducing me to SFCC and for your decades of friendship.

- Rita M. Yeasted

In memory 

Sr Joan (Edith) Albright, OP
Jane Blank

Jane Backes

- Bill Backes

Sr. Carlotta and Sr. Jean

- Andrea Watson

Sr. M. Carola, SSND

- Carl Brunner

Sr. Trish Dance

A woman of vision, deep faith, and love, who offered 'Life' to so many, and amazing encouragement to me personally.

- Maureen O'Halloran

Sr. Susan Dewitt, CSJP

- Charlotte Davenport, CSJP

Sr. M. Jacinta Dooley, RSM

To my beloved aunt who died in 2007.

- Carol Morales

Sr. Francis Edwards

My aunt, Sister Francis Bernard, became a nun in the Sisters of Providence in 1943 and took the name of St. Francis of Assisi. Like him, she had a gentle way about her. She also had a mischievous sense of humor, which made her beloved to her high school.

- Cathy Thomas

Sr. Donna Hart

- Mary Krebs

Sr. Mary Ligouri Horvat, SCL

- Kathleen Gribble

Joan Hyde

- Daria Hyde

Sr. Geraldine Megel, OP

- Sr. Jean Tobin, OP

Sr. Dianna Ortiz
You are dearly missed -- your courage remains an inspiration to so many!
- Gail DeGeorge

Sr. Joan Schmidt, CSJ

- Virginia and John Dowd

Sr. Helena Sheridan, CSJ

- Anita Gorder