Witness & Grace Conversations


May 18: Nuns and Nones
Presented by Sr. Annmarie Sanders, IHM, and Brittany Koteles 
An interfaith and intergenerational movement, Nuns and Nones unites Catholic sisters and spiritually-curious millennials in a mutual exchange of creative contemplation, social justice, and community practices. What began as informal, small-group conversations in late 2016 has flourished into a close-knit and growing movement that engages hundreds of participants across the country in regular, meaningful conversations. 
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April 13: How Catholic Sisters are Helping to Save the Earth -- and You Can Too
Presented by Sr. Sheila Kinsey and Sr. Melinda Roper  
Catholic Sisters have long been involved in efforts to protect the environment, address climate change and care for creation. Sr. Sheila Kinsey brings a global view from her vantage point in Rome on how sisters around the world are effecting positive change. Sr. Melinda Roper shared the grassroots efforts of her teamwork with local communities in the particularly sensitive eco-environment of Darién, Panama. 
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March 2: Spiritual Strength in Turbulent Times
Presented by Sr. Simone Campbell
Sr. Simone shared highlights of her years guiding the "Nuns on the Bus," and her time as director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice. She spoke about how contemplative prayer and community provided spiritual sustenance and kept her grounded through the resurgence of discord and division in our nation.
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February 12: A Conversation on Women Religious - Women Deacons
Presented by Phyllis Zagano and Sr. Colleen Gibson
Phyllis and Sr. Colleen discuss highlights of the recent series of essays in Global Sisters Report focusing on specific questions and topics related to women deacons and women religious -- and their deep interest and passion for this important topic for our church in these times. 
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January 21: Human Trafficking: It’s Closer than You Think
Presented by Sr. Maryann Agnes Mueller and Jennifer Reyes Lay
Human trafficking happens everywhere, including in your zip code. Due to the expansive and often hidden nature of this crime, ending this form of modern-day slavery is everyone's work. Set aside any stereotypes you may hold about human trafficking; the exploitation of the human person takes on many forms, and knows no barriers or socio-economic borders. It is not only possible for ordinary citizens to make a difference in the mission to prevent human trafficking, it is already happening. Citizens who are informed and alert, and know what to do with what they observe, help protect their families, neighborhoods and communities. (Offered by National Catholic Reporter as Part Two of the previous session.)
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January 19: A Conversation on Anti-Human Trafficking
Presented by Sr. Gabriella Bottani and Sr. Jean Schafer
Srs. Gabriella Bottani and Jean Schafer, both leaders among Catholic sisters working against human trafficking, help us understand the multiple ways that trafficking manifests itself around the world and how networking and spirituality buoy the sisters who work to stop this evil.
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November 19: Three Black Catholics Continuing the Journey
Presented by Dr. Ansel Augustine, Msgr. Ray East, ValLimar  
Each a national leader in their own ministry, our guests shared their reflections on how their ministries, entrusted to them by God, continue the journey of Black Catholics in the U.S. Catholic Church. (Offered by National Catholic Reporter as Part Two of the previous session.)
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November 17: Selma Sisters
Presented by Carol Colburn, Sr. Patricia McCann and Therese Stawowy
Our guests shared their experiences in this part of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, how it influenced their lives and ministries, and their insights on the parallels and differences with the ongoing struggle to counter structural racism today. 
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September 3, 2020: Tapping the Power of Contemplation
Presented by Sr. Nancy Sylvester, IHM
Sr. Nancy spoke with us about how contemplative practice can aid us in these challenging times. This conversation was aimed for those who already have a regular contemplative practice and those who wanted to develop one.
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