Witness and Grace Conversation: Tapping the Power of Contemplation

Dear GSR readers, 

I want to extend my thanks to all who were able to participate in the “Witness & Grace: Conversations with Sisters” session on September 3.  I truly felt privileged to share with all of you some of my reflections on Contemplation.  

Here are the resources that I referenced during the session.


Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue

The web site: www.iccdinstitute.org is a great resource. Please see the navigation bar at the top:

  • Contemplation, Impasse and Dialogue reflections include an annotated bibliography. 

  • Under Resources you will find additional readings and talks that address both contemplation and the shifts that are happening in our world. 

  • Enter the Chaos (new) has reflections on Spiral Dynamics Integral, evolution and contemplation. You will also find an overview of the program: Enter the Chaos: Engage the Differences to Make a Difference

Enter the Chaos program:

  • Three programs are scheduled: October 22-24, 2020; November 11-13; 2020, and January 8-10, 2021.

  • The 3-day program is held on Zoom; the schedule for each day is 11:00-AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time with an hour break mid-day. 

  • Partial scholarships are available. Simply inquire at enterthechaos21@gmail.com.

Names that I mentioned during the presentation (of course there are many more who could be mentioned):

If you are interested in joining the ICCD Contemplative Sitting Network just click here.


I leave you with the prayer that I concluded our conversation with taken from Constance FitzGerald, OCD.

“Our time and place in history bring us face to face with profound societal impasse…We can find no escape from the world we have built where the poor and oppressed cry out, where the earth and environment cry out, and where the specter of nuclear waste already haunts future generations.

Everything is just too complex, too beyond our reach. Yet it is only in the process of bringing the impasse to prayer, to the perspective of the God who loves us, that our society will be freed, healed, changed, brought to paradoxical new visions, and freed for non-violent, selfless, liberating action, freed, therefore, for community on this planet earth.”


With much gratitude…and keep reading GSR…



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