At Marialaya, girls from India's slums find home, nurture and a future

Chennai, India - Many of the girls at this house under the care of Salesian Sisters are abandoned, are orphaned or have a single parent. Most of them lived on the streets. "We try to create a homely atmosphere here to restore human dignity in them," says Marialaya director Sr. Soosai Muthu Arul. "They also get necessary opportunities and facilities to grow healthy in mind and body."

Breaking bread: Today's generation of Catholic sisters forge cross-conference relationships

It’s clear that communion between the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious is crucial for the future of religious life in the U.S. — and young sisters think they just might the generation called to bring that to fruition.

Two sisters discover unique gift deep within their suffering

A Good Death, Part 2 - Though they are separated by a generation, two Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia have spent years living with cancer diagnoses, sharing a life-altering experience of an illness that threatens to turn deadly. Both find strength in being of service to others and in the support from their community. "When they say, 'I'm praying for you,' I know they are, and I know I can go the next few feet," says Sr. Margaret Lewis. 

Q & A with artist Lexa Walsh, who sculpted sisters from her past

For many who grew up Catholic and left the church, the influence of the education they received in Catholic school stays with them for their entire lives — for better or worse. Lexa Walsh's show, "Oh, Sister!", is a collection of sculptural vessel-portraits (statues that are also functional jars) of the sisters she remembers, who she says both "taught and tormented" her.

Sisters support Nigeria's migrants traumatized by trafficking

Focus on Human Trafficking - Sisters from the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and other sisters from different congregations in Nigeria are fighting human trafficking through advocacy and creating awareness to dissuade young girls and women from taking a dangerous route across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, where they can be trafficked into prostitution or slavery.

Avoid simplistic solutions to church problems, Sr. Carol Keehan tells graduates

In address to Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University graduates, CEO of Catholic Health Association faults imperialism rather than clericalism in church abuse and cover-up crisis. Daughter of Charity Sr. Carol Keean said, "The incredible message of God's love for each of us, the wonders of his plan for each of us individually and as a people risks being completely drowned out. "

Legal structures like civil law can strengthen sisters' ministry

The LifeOur sister panelists shared stories of how they benefit from legal structures afforded by their own constitutions as well as civil and canonical law. Our question to them: Is canon law oppressive of women religious, or is it more of a legal protection? Do you think religious congregations could use civil law more to enhance their ministry?