Sisters count on the 'multiplication factor' of lay partners in their ministries

The Life - This month, the panelists reflect on how laypeople are true partners in their ministry, advancing the mission of their congregations and teaching them useful lessons in life. For example: "Response to the needs of the times, calls of the church and our own charism has led us into different forms of association with laypeople."

Flying joyfully with my sisters: key lessons learned in religious life

The Life – As this feature begins its third year, the panelists tell us how they were led by the Spirit to "the boondocks," behind the former Iron Curtain, on the back of Mother Eagle, and by the people to whom they ministered. In stories of radical openness and encountering Christ, they share what they have learned from ministry and life as a sister.

Think locally, act locally: We are all neighbors

The Life: Being neighbor is about relationship, trust, being known and accepted, being there to share joys and sorrows. Sisters are out in the world, living among the people they serve, sharing their charism and sense of community and prayer with anyone they encounter. This month, wrapping up the 2018-2019 panelists' participation, GSR asked them: Are there meaningful interactions with others for you, personally, or for your community in your neighborhood? If yours is a changing neighborhood, how are you responding to the changes?

Legal structures like civil law can strengthen sisters' ministry

The LifeOur sister panelists shared stories of how they benefit from legal structures afforded by their own constitutions as well as civil and canonical law. Our question to them: Is canon law oppressive of women religious, or is it more of a legal protection? Do you think religious congregations could use civil law more to enhance their ministry?