The Life panelists are a group of 20 sisters from across the global north and south who respond to questions about the unique, challenging and very specific lives of women religious. Click here to learn about the 2019-20 round of panelists.

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In order to be made whole

The Life - Panelists shared their experience and wisdom from their own personal experiences of hurt, from that of former members, at the level of their communities, the church, and of the broader society. They also suggested strategies for dealing with brokenness.

Sisters use funds, microloans to empower women, small businesses

The Life - Sisters have found ways to give women a hand up in a way that makes them financially independent. Panelists share best practices, including economic empowerment, donations and education.

A connection of equals: How sisters bridge the age gap

The Life - Questions of finding leaders, continuing ministries and living in community are all raised as panelists consider differences between elder and younger women religious in their congregations.

Sisters celebrate together, as one year flows into the next

The panelists share glimpses of what it is like to celebrate the new year in their convents and cultures, giving us global flavors from Lithuania, Vietnam, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the United States.