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The Life panelists are a group of 20 sisters from across the global north and south who respond to questions about the unique, challenging and very specific lives of women religious. Click here to learn about the 2020-21 round of panelists.

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An international sisterhood: Panelists reflect on a year of writing for The Life

The Life - In a "journey with sisters from all over the world," the 2020-21 panel formed community as they shared their diverse lives as women religious with readers and with each other.

New visions of religious vows: poverty, chastity, obedience — and more?

The Life - This month, sister panelists look at vowed life from other perspectives. They speculate about the purpose of vows, how the concept of a vow might be broadened, and what new vows might be needed today.

Catholic sisters embrace the gifts, navigate the pitfalls of social media

The Life - Social media "has allowed us to be radically relational" with people worldwide, but it comes with dangers of addiction and physical disconnection. Our panelists look at religious life in the virtual world.

Love with a hundred hearts: How do sisters live the vow of chastity?

The Life - Sister panelists describe how the modern idea of chastity contrasts with the old "renunciation" emphasis, explain how chastity reflects their congregational charism, and consider the gifts chastity brings.