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The Life panelists are a group of 20 sisters from across the global north and south who respond to questions about the unique, challenging and very specific lives of women religious. Click here to learn about the 2020-21 round of panelists.

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Why we stay: 'I have decided to invest in what does not expire'

The Life - Why do you stay in religious life? What gives you hope? More responses from our panelists give insight into faith and the interconnections that weave the fabric of religious life.

Why we stay: 'I was called by God, and I desire to respond generously'

"We are thriving in countries where we U.S. sisters began missions," one sister said. " … As for us Americans, although we are graying, we continue to impact society."

Why we stay: 'A journey that stretches far beyond one's life'

Sisters say they stay in religious life for many reasons: the community, the mission, the ministry, the connection to God. “Our stumbling attempts to remain faithful give me hope,” says one.

Community life may have rough edges, but together we can gleam with faith

The Life - Meaningful and joyful community living does not happen automatically. Our panelists reflect on the work and the gifts of belonging to a community of women religious.