Lesson Plan Topics

GSR in the Classroom helps students learn about the varied missions and ministries of Catholic women religious — and religious life — around the world. Each lesson explores Global Sisters Report articles and columns more deeply by posing questions that first open readers’ minds to new learning, then help them understand what they’ve read. Other features deepen the message with pertinent passages from Scripture and Catholic social teaching. “Synergy with sisters” and action ideas offer ways for readers to support the vital work of sisters around the world. Each lesson sends learners forth in prayer.

Teacher guides provide important background about the issues that each lesson explores, as well as engaging activities to focus the group and prayers that classes can lift up together.

We realize that most teachers will use these plans and guides to supplement other material in their curriculum. These resources are free, and we encourage teachers to choose whichever elements best serve their students’ needs. Most activities are easily adapted for group or individual use. Likewise, while our current target audience is high school learners, most elements are flexible enough for use by middle-school students as well.


6 lessons in this topic

Climate concerns are as broad as the Earth and as vast as its future. Explore sisters' efforts, both great and small, to make a difference.

Human trafficking

Human Trafficking

6 lessons in this topic

Slavery is a thing of the present. Sisters around the world work to open doors to freedom, safety, healing and opportunity for human trafficking victims.

Race Relations

6 lessons in this topic

Racism hurts people in many ways, ranging from violence to barriers that deny rights and needs. Discover how sisters break down walls and build bridges.


6 lessons in this topic

People everywhere are on the move, hoping to start new lives after experiencing war, violence, crushing poverty and natural disasters. Learn how sisters support them.


6 lessons in this topic

Experiencing God's love, realizing our gifts and discovering the call to serve others are among the key steps in a woman’s journey into religious life.


6 lessons in this topic

As we prepare for the coming of Christ among us, the witness of sisters around the world inspires us to open our hearts and minds.

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