Race Relations

Racism hurts people in many ways, ranging from violence to barriers that deny rights and needs. Discover how sisters break down walls and build bridges.

Lessons in Race Relations

By educating and empowering women of all ages, sisters in Baltimore are giving dignity to black women, who often are overlooked in efforts to promote racial justice.

The dignity of people is denigrated or denied when those in power treat them as less than equal. Getting a sense of what it feels not to count for something can inspire us to seek justice for all.

Sisters in the St. Louis area reflect on their efforts to fight racism in the wake of the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown and the racial unrest that followed.

Pain can hurt our ability to function as people or as a community. It's important to be mindful of the impact of the pain racism causes.

Sisters in Cincinnati are leading community activism and public discussions to address racial divides after the 2015 shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer.

A person can't control what race they are, but it's a factor that has significant impact on their life. Changing our outlook on race can destroy barriers to social progress.


We must first become aware of our own inner conflicts and challenges if we want to work for racial harmony and peace.

Attentiveness to the concerns of other people can be a stretch, especially if we're not focused on our own realities.

A white sister examines how racism is entrenched in American society and the role she plays. She challenges herself and others to work intentionally toward solutions.

Dispelling long-held beliefs about people of other races requires vulnerability, honesty and the courage to take a first step.

A community of sisters discovers that it once rejected a woman because of her race. More than a half-century later, it seeks forgivness, healing and hope.

It's so easy to close our minds and hearts to the strangers at our door. Who knows what gifts and opportunities await us?