Human Trafficking

Slavery is a thing of the present. Sisters around the world work to open doors to freedom, safety, healing and opportunity for human trafficking victims.

Lessons in Human Trafficking

Awareness fosters hope for often-invisible sex-trafficking victims in the Midwest. In the U.S. and around the world, people are held against their will and forced to do sex acts or to work. It is modern-day slavery.

Understanding the tools traffickers use — force, fraud and coercion — helps us to not fall prey to them.

Human trafficking is a complex tragedy that interconnects with many other social justice issues. None of us can afford to look away or remain silent. 

Our awareness of human trafficking and our efforts to prevent and resist it are intensified as the issue is made more personal in our lives. 

In Haiti and around the world, children growing up in poverty are especially vulnerable to human trafficking. A shelter near Haiti's border with the Dominican Republic helps protect some of them.

As they discover the vulnerability of children in Haiti and around the world, students are invited to explore the people and structures that protect and support them.

Human trafficking everywhere - including the exploitation of indigenous women in North America - thrives because of demand. Can honest conversations with men about their role make a difference?

There are times when no one wants to speak up in the midst of a conflict or a difficult situation. But what happens if no one does?

At a Cleveland retreat center, the U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking network brought together women religious throughout the Western Hemisphere to share best practices in anti-trafficking ministry and to strengthen connections across borders.

Networks of people working together can make a difference to stop human trafficking. Every gift each person brings will strengthen their impact. 

Sisters in Nigeria dedicate themselves not only to accompanying trafficking victims as they work to restore their lives, but to stop trafficking through prevention and prosecution efforts.

The fortunate few who survive experiences of human trafficking face a difficult time transitioning back to regular life. Imagine trying to return to "normal" after a dozen years away from your loved ones.