Jennifer Wilson is a member of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. Before entering the congregation, she completed two years as a Mercy Volunteer corps member in Guyana, South America. Her graduate degree is in education and special education. She has worked with homeless women and children as a social worker and presently is a theology teacher and the diversity, inclusion and equity coordinator at Mount Mercy Academy in Buffalo, New York.

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Never forget: You are a child of God

Each day, think about a moment you know you are loved by God. You might find that it brings a few minutes of peace and reflection to an otherwise busy and sometimes chaotic day.

Think about who packed your parachutes. They're watching out for you.

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the ways people and experiences act as parachutes in our physical, mental and spiritual lives.

God always has room for us. Do we have room in our hearts for others?

What do the words "no room for you" sound and look like to people often not welcome in society? Do people who are often left out hear words of welcome that are not really welcoming? Do they hear voices that say, "Come in," but know they are not really wanted? 

Classroom questions and answers on God and life's fairness

Horizons: My classes watched a documentary about immigrant students who were in high school. They were from different countries with different circumstances regarding their legal status. After watching the film, my students had some questions.