Doreen Ajiambo is the Africa/Middle East correspondent for Global Sisters Report based in Kenya. She covers the missions and ministries of Catholic women religious and writes about humanitarian and environmental issues across sub-Saharan Africa that affect the people they serve. Her previous work has been published by Religion News Service, Catholic News Service, Refugees Deeply, USA Today and the Global Post, among other outlets.  

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Q & A with Sr. Victoria Mota, helping young people earn a living through sewing

In Leribe, Lesotho, Sr. Victoria Mota is changing the lives of young people. She started a sewing center at Holy Family High School in 2015 to empower youths and ensure they come out of poverty.

Sisters' vaccination campaign boosts number of Ugandans protected from COVID-19

The Catholic Sisters COVID-19 Vaccine Ambassadors Campaign, supported by the Hilton Foundation, has helped increase the number of Ugandans vaccinated against COVID-19 from 5% to 38% in about six months.

New conference for religious in Southern Africa will 'foster the religious spirit'

Religious sisters in Southern African countries have welcomed the establishment of the Regional Conference of Major Superiors of Southern Africa, saying it will help them share the best practices that could benefit the church.

While animals rest at night, herd boys in Lesotho go to schools run by sisters

Lesotho's culture expects boys to protect and herd cattle, sheep and goats for their families or look for jobs as herdsmen, which requires them to drop out of school. Sisters run night schools to help empower the boys.