Doreen Ajiambo is the Africa/Middle East correspondent for Global Sisters Report based in Kenya. She covers the missions and ministries of Catholic women religious and writes about humanitarian and environmental issues across sub-Saharan Africa that affect the people they serve. Her previous work has been published by Religion News Service, Catholic News Service, Refugees Deeply, USA Today and the Global Post, among other outlets.  

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Lake Victoria fishmongers try to escape 'sex for fish' trap and HIV outcome

Fish, the main currency in cities on Lake Victoria, is in severe shortage. Many women fish sellers must trade sex for fish from fishermen. The practice has fueled HIV/AIDS infections in the region, prompting the Catholic Church to intervene.

Q & A with Sr. Anne Onyancha, educating with excellence in Kenya

Sr. Anne Onyancha, a member of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega and head teacher of St Peter's Mumias Boys Primary School, was among 31 teachers across Kenya who were honored for this year's World Teachers' Day.

Brick by brick, tree by tree, Carmelite Missionary Sisters plant skills to limit Malawi’s deforestation

In Malawi, dependence on firewood and charcoal as sources of income and for energy needs has led people in the world's fifth poorest country to chop down vast portions of the forest. To reduce deforestation, Carmelite Missionary Sisters are teaching women skills that will not further damage the forests. 

Teresian Sisters in Malawi work to stem violence against people with albinism

A faith-based campaign in Malawi aims to educate communities about the rights of people with albinism and to dispel myths that motivate attacks for their body parts, which are believed to bring good luck and wealth.