Doreen Ajiambo is the Africa/Middle East correspondent for Global Sisters Report based in Kenya. She covers the missions and ministries of Catholic women religious and writes about humanitarian and environmental issues across sub-Saharan Africa that affect the people they serve. Her previous work has been published by Religion News Service, Catholic News Service, Refugees Deeply, USA Today and the Global Post, among other outlets.  

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Small Kenyan village remembers Sr. Marianna Hulshof on the 100th anniversary of her birth

The late Sr. Marianna Hulshof, a Medical Mission sister from the Netherlands changed the lives of many members of the Samia people of Funyula. Her work touched almost every aspect of life in the small rural town.

Surge in deaths has sisters, church leaders urging Tanzania government to take COVID-19 seriously

Tanzania's government stopped publishing COVID-19 data almost a year ago, and the president has stated that vaccinations are dangerous. The recent deaths of the 60 nuns and dozens of priests in the span of about two months has left religious sisters stressed about their safety.

In Africa, sisters lead the way to replace orphanages with family care

The goal is as simple as it is complicated to achieve: Shift the care of children from institutions like orphanages to a family or family-like environment.

Sisters work to heal families wounded by domestic violence, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns

The combination of economic and social stresses brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as restrictions on movement, have severely increased the number of women and girls facing abuse in almost all countries. Sisters are counseling couples and advocating for change.