Chris Herlinger is a contributing writer to Global Sisters Report and also writes on humanitarian and international issues for NCR. He has reported from South Sudan and Darfur, Sudan, as well as numerous other locales, including Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and the Occupied Territories, Kenya and Ethiopia and Liberia. He is the co-author, with Paul Jeffrey, of books on Haiti and Darfur, published by Seabury, and a third, on global hunger, published in 2015.

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Create sustainable cities, say sisters with UN civil society group

To make the transition to a sustainable future, humanity must pay attention to cities and the attendant challenges of affordable housing, energy-saving and transportation, say sisters who attended a recent three-day United Nations conference on sustainable urban areas.

Maryknoll Mission Institute at 50 years: 'We are alive and well to the world'

For half a century, thousands of missionaries, sisters, brothers, priests, educators and lay church members have sought education and renewal through annual programs at the Maryknoll Mission Institute.

Survey tracks inequality, amid UN effort to end poverty by 2030

Sr. Margaret O'Dwyer, who represents the Company of the Daughters of Charity at the U.N., said the survey "can help influence where NGOs, governments, the private sector, or the U.N. might focus efforts in the future.

Longtime president of Mercy Housing, Sr. Lillian Murphy, 78, dies

Mercy Sr. Lillian Murphy, a longtime champion of affordable housing in the United States, is being remembered both for her leadership of Mercy Housing Inc. and her passionate belief that housing is a human right and a matter of justice.