Chris Herlinger is international correspondent to Global Sisters Report and also writes on humanitarian and international issues for NCR. He has reported from South Sudan and Darfur, Sudan, as well as numerous other locales, including Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and the Occupied Territories, Kenya and Ethiopia and Liberia. He is the co-author, with Paul Jeffrey, of books on Haiti and Darfur, published by Seabury, and a third, on global hunger, published in 2015.

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Q & A with Sr. Irene O'Neill, launching a platform for Sisters Rising Worldwide

Sisters Rising Worldwide focuses on connecting sisters "to each other and to resources for their ministry needs." In July, the group's work will take a big step toward that goal when it unveils its online platform.

COVID-19 worsens danger, hardships that people face in conflict zones

Sisters spoke to GSR about the burden and peril that the coronavirus pandemic adds to life in or near the conflict zones of South Sudan, Syria and Ukraine.

Connection, compassion and care in a Bronx COVID-19 ward

A Sister of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and chief physician assistant at North Central Bronx hospital, Sr. Mary Catherine Redmond has been a bridge between providers and their patients. Like other sisters, her decades-long service has been undergirded by a commitment to social justice.

World hunger is its own pandemic: Aid workers brace for second-wave crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic posing the potential to become the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II, millions already faced the specter of starvation, say United Nations leaders, humanitarian officials and Catholic sisters.