Witness & Grace Conversation: Sisters of Selma

View. A recording of the November 17 Sisters of Selma session is now available. Feel free to pass it along to your family and friends. Watch the video recording.

A recording of the November 19 session Three Black Catholics Continuing the Journey is now available. As a follow up to our session on November 17, our guests shared reflections on how their ministries, entrusted to them by God, continue the journey of Black Catholics in the U.S. Catholic Church, and how their background and community informs and inspires the work about which they are most passionate. Watch the recording here.
Watch. The link to read reviews or purchase Sisters of Selma: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B08F3GDRK5/. The video is also available through Kanopy to educational institutions and libraries.

A co-production of HartFilms & Alabama Public Television featuring:
Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester
Mary Paul Geck  |  Barbara Lum  |  Josepha Twomey  |  Marie Albert Albertson  |  Mary Weaver
Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary
Antona Ebo 
Sisters Of St. Joseph of Carondelet
Roberta Schmidt  |  Rosemary Flanigan  |  Barbara Moore
Sisters of Loretto
Therese Stawowy  |  Christine Nava
Sisters of Charity of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Mary Ann Sommer
Following "Bloody Sunday," Catholic nuns from around the country answered Dr. King's call to join the protests in Selma. Never before in American history had avowed Catholic women made so public a political statement. Watch the documentary.
Read. Since August, Global Sisters Report has featured biweekly interviews with Catholic sisters and former sisters who worked and/or marched in Selma, Alabama, in 1965. We wanted to hear their thoughts about current racial events, protests and Black Lives Matter. The series is entitled Sisters of Selma Q & A series, with the interviews conducted by our session presenter, Carol Colburn. Read the series.
Learn. Here is the selected historical context that we heard in the session. 
Pray. Here are the opening and closing prayers we used in the session yesterday:
Opening Prayer:
Loving God, help us not to look forward in fear to changing things;
may we instead look ahead full of hope.
Help us to trust that You, whose very own we are, will lead us,
though we may sometimes feel lost and concerned.
Liberate us from fear of what may happen tomorrow
so that we can use our full energy to make tomorrow better for others and for ourselves.
Confident that You are with us today and every day,
may we set aside anxious thoughts and imaginings.
Even as we confront real obstacles --- ignorance and evil and the effects of sin ---
may we remain grounded in hope and be promoters of peace.
- St Francis de Sales

Closing Prayer
Oh holy one, 
remind me to answer the highest calling of my heart
and stand up for what i believe. 
Remind me to walk with the wind,
and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be my guide. 
Remind me to do this in your holy name,  Amen.
- John Lewis


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