A wall in their river: Flooded Ngäbe communities continue to fight dam

The Barro Blanco dam: Despite years of fierce resistance, the dam on the Tabasará River has submerged indigenous homes, farms and sacred sites. To local communities and environmentalists, the hydroelectric project has become a symbol of everything wrong with Panama's model of development.
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"Vatican II was a tremendous blessing. We were freed from the legislation of centuries, that a sister, no matter how old she was, was still treated as a little girl. The priests almost patted us on the head. Vatican II brought out the fact that we are adults and able to think on our own and act on our own."

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Q & A with Sr. Imelda Y Biut, helping ethnic women leading religious lives

One religious order was founded in Vietnam expressly to appeal to and encorporate the cultural differences of ethnic minority people living in the country's central highlands. The Filles de la Médaille Miraculeuse Congregation has 150 members serving in 30 different locations in the Kon Tum Diocese, which has about 310,000 Catholics.

What is AMOR?

GSR Today - The Asia-Oceania Meeting of Religious XVII was my sixth AMOR gathering. Each meeting gave me the opportunity to learn about the shifts in Southeast Asian and Pacific countries' politics, as well as women religious' responses to changes in societies.