Franciscan sister's retreats help first responders deal with trauma

Through Operation Restore retreats, Franciscan Sr. Anne Dougherty and her retreat partners provide post-trauma training to firefighters and law enforcement officers. At their Franciscan Center in Tampa, they offer first responders a safe, confidential environment where they can work through critical incidents and process the daily stress of their jobs.

"Conversations about social, political, economic and racial issues need to be had in communities. So often, we are unaware of just how different our own community members are from us. Don't shy away from these conversations."

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Reverse diversity

See for Yourself - It was an eye-opening lunch conversation. The manager of environmental services at a manufacturing plant was looking somewhat frazzled. "Sister Nancy, this ain't no picnic job. It's hard! I'm looking around for something else. I can't do this no more."

Sex trafficking is 'rooted in structure of society,' says speaker

The fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation may need its own #MeToo moment, according to a leading trafficking opponent. Good Shepherd Sr. Winifred Doherty, who is her religious congregation's representative to the United Nations, observed that sex trafficking, "a debasement of the human person," is "rooted in the structure of society, and more so today."

Q & A with Sr. Mercy Kuriakose on healing the sick with homeopathy

Sr. Mercy Kuriakose, a member of the Missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit, practices homeopathy, an alternative medical practice that uses a small amount of an active ingredient to help treat or cure a disease. She has treated approximately 130,000 patients in her 26 years of service as a homeopathy doctor in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Amid Haiti's challenges, congregation continues serving those living in poverty

Little Sisters of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus work in the areas of health, agriculture and education, serving those who live in rural Haiti. The sisters help residents deal with drought, fallout from climate extremes like hurricanes, the effects of climate change, illness and the need for clean water. The sisters carry on their mission with a sense of enduring hope.

Postville faith leaders, immigrants look back on 10 years since raid

Postville, Iowa - On May 12, 2008, local police and federal immigration agents arrested 400 people at a meat-processing plant — a raid that disrupted hundreds of lives and changed this Iowa town. Ten years later, more than 300 people gathered at St. Bridget Church to mark the anniversary of the raid and to dedicate themselves to enacting change so similar raids do not happen again.

Ethnic sisters help preserve minority cultures in Vietnam

Kon Tum City, Vietnam - The Filles de la Médaille Miraculeuse congregation, which recently celebrated its 70th anniversary, has 153 sisters from eight indigenous groups who work in 32 communities in the provinces of Kon Tum and Gia Lai. Three ya, a Bana ethnic word meaning "sister," shared with Global Sisters Report their stories about their vocations, work and the choice to live with the order.

Mobile goat clinics in Haiti help families raise healthy, profitable animals

Notes from the Field: Veterinary technician Songé Sengela gives interactive formation sessions for families who receive goats as part of the Caritas goat program in Haiti's Gros Morne parish. Participants who follow her advice raise healthier animals that will sell for a better price at the Friday animal market in Gros Morne.

Q & A with Sr. Maureen McGowan on serving women and children in New York City

Sr. Maureen McGowan, is the province leader of the New York-Toronto Province of the Good Shepherd Sisters. The sisters' first ministry in Manhattan has grown into Good Shepherd Services, which today serves over 30,000 children and families. McGowan spoke with GSR as the community prepares to celebrate its 175th anniversary.