The Life Panelists

The Life panelists are a group of 20 sisters from across the global north and south who respond to questions about the unique, challenging and very specific lives of women religious. Click here to read more about each individual sister panelist who was involved during the first year of articles. Click here to learn about the 2018-19 round of panelists.

Articles by The Life Panelists

Title Datesort ascending Type
Think locally, act locally: We are all neighbors Jun 24, 2019 Story : News
Legal structures like civil law can strengthen sisters' ministry May 27, 2019 Story : News
The Life: In prayer, sisters find the unconditional love of God Apr 29, 2019 Story : News
For different times and different cultures, sisters adapt the mission Mar 25, 2019 Story : News
Violence is everywhere: This is how Catholic sisters respond Feb 25, 2019 Story : News
Sisters share their tactics to thwart human trafficking Jan 28, 2019 Story : News
Our lives are mission: Sisters reflect on Pope Francis' call to holiness Dec 31, 2018 Story : News
Sisters know what youth need to stay 'in' the church Nov 26, 2018 Story : News
When it comes to politics, sisters are dedicated to confronting pervasive structures of oppression Oct 29, 2018 Story : News
Including everyone: How sisters go to 'ends of the earth' to share Jesus Sep 24, 2018 Story : News
The Life: Ecumenism in experience, sisters share their spiritually enriching encounters Aug 27, 2018 Story : News
The Life: It's all about helping women survive and succeed Jul 30, 2018 Story : News
Down is the new up: learning the lessons of religious life Jun 25, 2018 Story : News
A year in The Life: We have interwoven our lives and dreams May 28, 2018 Story : News
Spirit's light illuminates congregations' distinct 'facets' Apr 30, 2018 Story : News
Education is key to spiritual formation of sisters Mar 26, 2018 Story : News
Learning everything again -- and other challenges of religious life Feb 26, 2018 Story : News
The spirit of the ministry: community charisms in action Jan 29, 2018 Story : News
'God with us': the blessings of Advent and the joys of Christmas Dec 21, 2017 Story : News
The Life: Ministries change, charisms remain vibrant Nov 27, 2017 Story : News
Grasping for signs of light: how sisters keep up their spiritual energy Oct 30, 2017 Story : News
Collaborating north-to-south, sisters exemplify changing world demographics Sep 25, 2017 Story : News
Networking is the new approach to mission Aug 28, 2017 Story : News
A day with space to not rush, but to be present Jul 24, 2017 Story : News
The Life: Sisters reflect on care for the Earth Jun 26, 2017 Story : News