In Horizons, younger sisters reflect on their lives, ministries, spirituality and the future of religious life.

Far from fleeting: Finding in darkness

Horizons - My heart's interest was piqued by the description of the time of Diwali as a celebration of light overcoming darkness, good triumphing over evil, and knowledge usurping ignorance. And now as this new year begins, I can't help but again envision that darkness and light, forces tenderly and tenuously balanced at this time of year: a darkness never dark enough to overtake the light, but also a light that is beyond our knowing.

Christmas is for lovers

Horizons - It's impossible to overemphasize the centrality of love in our beautiful tradition. The mystery of love is inexhaustible, present at the beginning when God brought forth all that is, singing in Jesus' incarnation, life, death and resurrection, pulsing through each of us as Spirit, and drawing us to a future where peace and justice will reign forever. This Christmas, I was reminded again what it's really all about: Love.