Dominican sisters educate struggling child laborers in Vietnam slums

Life for children whose parents migrate to Vietnam's capital to make a living re-selling leftover produce, fish and plastic bags usually does not include formal education, but since 2010, the Dominican Missionary Sisters of Phu Cuong have been helping some attain literacy and move on to public schools. Their Binh An (Peace) Development Center in Ho Chi Minh City currently provides free education for 316 children, ages 5 to 15.

Sr. Carol Keehan will leave big shoes to fill in Catholic health care

The Daughter of Charity sister retires in June as head of Catholic Health Association — a tenure that saw her become the face of Catholic lobbying efforts to pass the Affordable Care Act. That often-bruising fight put to use her ability, in the words of a colleague, "to stay anchored to her principles grounded in the Gospel and Catholic social teaching, while ably working for what's possible and workable."

Our lives are mission: Sisters reflect on Pope Francis' call to holiness

The Life - Sister panelists talk about how they and their communities are responding to Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate. In the document, they recognize a call to personal holiness, finding God in practical ways in everyday life, and its emphasis on the Beatitudes as an "identity card" for Christians.