A long road to rural health care: Sisters serve Ghana's remote villages

The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters' clinic in Kwesi Fante isn't just far from Ghana's capital, Accra, it's far from everywhere. With limited resources, three sisters and their staff serve about 1,000 people each month. The clinic was established as part of the congregation's mission to "continue the healing ministry of Christ," says Sr. Mary Nkrumah, the clinic's administrator. Initially, sisters from Germany and the U.S. had come as missionaries to Ghana in 1946 and years later sought isolated areas to care for those far from established medical care. 

Q & A with Srs. Agnes Nguyen Thi Tam and Anna Dau Thi Nhung, protecting church properties from government confiscation

Sr. Agnes Nguyen Thi Tam and Sr. Anna Dau Thi Nhung served successively as superiors general of the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Vinh. They spoke with GSR and shared highlights of the congregation's history, which includes surviving a U.S. air attack and developing farming techniques to overcome extreme poverty.