Celebrating animal wisdom

Seeing Jesus as the compañera (partner) on life's journey, showing us the way to — as Paul says — "live, and move, and have our being" is the real message of the Scriptures. I think the harsher theory of atonement is not a good description of the Divine Source of All Being, who has so generously created us, showing us how living "his" Way will probably lead to death, and hopefully, new life.

A soul-searching time as a nation

Contemplate This - These past weeks, a number of things have happened in the United States that signal to me we are entering a critical soul-searching time as a nation. Can this be the moment to pause as a nation and enter the "space" that seems to divide us and converse with each other in new ways? Can we ask what our common humanity is trying to call forth in us? Can we reclaim the best of who we are as Americans and who we want to be in the future?