The wonder of rereading

There may be more to learn from reading the same book a hundred times than by reading a hundred different books. After all, we read the Psalms a hundred times and the Gospels, as well. What is to be learned is the heart of Christ at the heart of the story. We may also discover people different from us and yet, remarkably similar. Words that at one time went unnoticed leap off the page the second or third time around. The words have not changed, but we have.

Power of love unites all religions

We recently attended the Parliament of the World's Religions with more than 7,500 other delegates from 80 countries, representing approximately 200 indigenous, spiritual and religious traditions. One could feel the spiritual power and love vibrating as we greeted and talked to fellow participants. The theme of this Parliament was "Promise of inclusion — the power of love —pursuing global understanding, reconciliation and change."