J. Malcolm Garcia

Articles by J. Malcolm Garcia

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Awareness fosters hope for often-invisible sex-trafficking victims in the Midwest Jan 10, 2017 Story : News
Outreach in Guatemala City's red-light district: 'We care for you as you are' Sep 26, 2016 Story : News
Children born with HIV find love in sister-run orphanages in Guatemala, Honduras Sep 12, 2016 Story : News
Life-threatening mining is the 'only work' available in Honduras mountains Aug 15, 2016 Story : News
Legacy of mining operation lingers in Honduras long after closure Aug 15, 2016 Story : News
Murder of Berta Cáceres sends dark message to Honduran environmental activists Aug 8, 2016 Story : News
Closed mines haunt two towns in Honduras as threats against activists mount Aug 8, 2016 Story : News
Sisters' school stands out in Guatemalan dump town Jun 20, 2016 Story : News
Marlin mine has first fatality after decade of operation May 23, 2016 Story : News
Sr. Maudilia López combines Mayan, Christian spirituality May 23, 2016 Story : News
Mining company builds health center the Guatemalan government can't sustain May 23, 2016 Story : News
Chiapas photography project: 'People should be able to speak for themselves' Mar 21, 2016 Story : News
Sisters offer shelter in Tijuana for women and children escaping violence Mar 14, 2016 Story : News
Sisters from indigenous groups see special meaning in Pope Francis' visit to Mexico Feb 12, 2016 Story : News
1980-2015: Memory of El Salvador's church martyrs lives on Nov 30, 2015 Story : News
Sisters, charities care for the abandoned children of Guatemala Nov 11, 2015 Story : News
Nuns on the Bus tour aims to 'bridge the divides, transform politics' Sep 7, 2015 Story : News