Catholic nuns raise hope among Kerala's flood victims, farmers

More than 1 million people who took refuge in relief camps as unprecedented floods battered 12 of Kerala's 14 districts during July and August. At least 474 people died in the floods, most of them when the deluge was severest Aug. 15-20, says Fr. George Vettikattil, who heads the relief operations under the Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council, in the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church. The floods affected more than 5.41 million people, he estimates, based on data from various jurisdictions.

Congregations seek sustainability through goals to reduce waste, go organic

Three congregations, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky, Adrian Dominican Sisters and Sisters of the Humility of Mary, are charting toward a sustainable tomorrow by establishing goals that reduce greenhouse emissions and focus on sustainable energy. The sisters are applying principles such as permaculture to all aspects of community life.

In global climate, see the forest and trees

We all need to be part of the solutions addressing climate change, the greatest issue of our time. But every part of us needs to be part of the solutions. The answers do not lie only in technology or renewable energy or efficient cars — only part of the solution. The foundation to the solutions lies within a spiritual conversion that shifts and expands worldview, while deepening the roots of our soul view.

Dominican Sisters of Hope easement protects 'oasis' of land in New York

The 145-member Dominican Sisters of Hope and local officials in Westchester County, New York, announced Sept. 28 that slightly more than half of the sisters' 61-acre property along the Hudson River will be closed to further development, a move the congregation said "protects significant ecological resources."