Ali Alderman (she/her) is a former Loretto Volunteer who worked with youth experiencing homelessness as an outreach case manager with Urban Peak in Denver, Colorado. As well as a writer, she is a visual artist, an avid reader of books spanning all genres, and her favorite days are mornings she can spend on her kayak with a big cup of coffee. 

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Making it home

Notes from the Field - What makes home "home?" Even though having a home seems like the most natural of human desires, I've witnessed how housing can be difficult for our youth after they have made the streets their home.

The gift of small works in the face of big issues

Notes from the Field - After just a short while as a Loretto Volunteer, I slip into bouts of deep disillusionment with helping. Why bother with these itty-bitty Band-Aids when the wounds are so deep and so wide?