Alison McCrary is a member of Sisters for Christian Community (SFCC) and is director of the New Orleans Community-Police Mediation Program, a spiritual adviser on Louisiana’s death row, president of the Louisiana Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (the largest and oldest public interest bar association in the country), and a social justice attorney providing legal support to international and local movements for social change.  

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Nuns on the Bus 2016: Four virtues for 21st-century justice work and Gospel living

Nuns on the Bus Blog - We see a wellspring of hope with the possibility of eradicating the current culture of fear dominating much of the political environment around us. Accompanying that hope, we also see a wellspring of creativity among the people who attend the Nuns on the Bus rallies and caucuses, sharing their visions and dreams for another way forward.

Nuns on the Bus 2016: God continues to speak through parables to us today

Nuns on the Bus Blog - On the 10th day of the Nuns on the Bus tour, we encountered more of the heartbreak and hope that we enter more deeply each day on this journey throughout U.S. cities and towns.