Amanda Carrier is a Sister of Mercy of the Americas and blogger who shares her experiences in ministry and as a sister on her blog Journeygalrsm. She works on social justice concerns, including the degradation of the earth, at Mercy International Association Global Action at the United Nations. Before that, she contributed an essay on compassion to the book In Our Own Words: Religious Life in a Changing World. Amanda enjoys cooking for her community, especially baking homemade bread.

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God reminds me that I'm enough, I'm worthy just as I am

Horizons - An unanswered question about worthiness followed me to a retreat in Arizona. That weekend, a realization made me laugh out loud.

Socially distant, spiritually connected

The acts of compassion and love we take notice of now prove that the depth of spiritual connection is a part of who we are. We must carry the lessons of silence learned through enduring the struggles and losses of the pandemic.