Anna Le Bach Tuyet is a Sister of the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Qui Nhon, Vietnam. After her first pastoral ministry assignment at an orphanage, she went to the Saigon Archdiocese to study theology. Later ministries included work at the Qui Nhon bishop's residence and in the finance office at the congregational headquarters, and the study of language and pastoral ministry "for young people and migrants" in South Korea. Most recently, she assisted in the development of Congregatio Jesu Caritatis, a new diocesan congregation of Qui Nhon Diocese, and is currently studying pastoral communication and journalism in the Saigon Archdiocese.

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Amazing stories come out of Vi Nhan School for special needs children

The St. Paul de Chartres Sisters' school in Vietnam is a "home of love," where children with disabilities learn skills that will one day lead them to be financially independent and receive the respect they deserve.